Available for Solo or Jazz Duo or Quintet Performance at Conferences, Parties, Lounges, dances, etc.

Available for impovisational projects with music, dance and spoken word. Piano and Keyboard



Piano Lessons in Victoria B.C. and Music Workshops


After having taught for 25 years, I am now accepting adults only. 

I borrow from various traditional programs for  piano lessons and offer a varied repertoire.  I am also able to help you evaluate your goals and work with your individual learning style.  I love teaching and through a creative and practical understanding of  theory basics, I can guide you to read, write, play by ear, create your own music, improvise, get off the page and have some fun. "Born Again Piano Players" are most welcome.   Beginners of all ages are guided with an easy and patient approach to learning music.  Experienced  piano players will find some fresh approaches to further their study and casual musicians can find ways to express themselves without the long haul of serious study.  

*MUSIC THEORY LESSONS    Basic theory and jazz theory.  Scales,  intervals, modes, rhythms and chord progressions. All tools to help you play by ear, compose, improvise, ect.

Includes  listening examples,  to understand styles and music of other cultures.   Customized to suit your learning style.

*Custom Curriculum  If you are self motivated, I can guide you with a customized curriculum for you to use on your own

*BEYOND CLASSICAL  -  This class will help you "fill  in the gaps" and develop or use your understanding of theory to assist you in playing by ear and  interpret chord charts.copy website