I am available for Solo Piano Performance at Conferences, Parties, Lounges, etc.

I am also available for piano or synth studio work as well as your newest performance project in music, dance or spoken word.

I enjoy improvisation studies in voice, dance and musical instruments.  Please call me and invite me to your group.


Piano Lessons in Victoria B.C. and Music Workshops

~INDIVIDUAL and GROUP PIANO LESSONS      children and adults

I borrow from various traditional programs for  piano lessons and offer a varied repetiore.  I am also able to help you evaluate your goals and work with your individual learning style.  I love teaching and through a creative and practical understanding of  theory basics, I can guide you to read, write, play by ear, create your own music, improvise, get off the page and have some fun. "Born Again Piano Players" are most welcome.   Beginners of all ages are guided with an easy and patient approach to learning music.  Experienced  piano players will find some fresh approaches to further their study and casual musicians can find ways to express themselves without the long haul of serious study.  I use a variety of good methods for teaching children of all ages.

I offer my services as a musical/performance coach for practicing musicians, who want a better performance.  Intermediate or beginner.

For those wishing occasional lessons, I can guide you with a custom curriculum for you to use on your own.

Voice instruction includes ear training and voice exercises and voice exploration as well as permission and encouragement to find your voice
Bass and guitar lessons are for beginners only and are designed to follow your interests as well as example other styles and techniques.

Individual Lesson Fees start at $30 dollars. Some scholarships for children are available based on need.  Discount for  regular  weekly lessons. Fees for Group Lessons vary depending on type of group and size.  Please inquire for specifics.


*Beginner Guitar Lessons  and  Singing  Classes    all ages

*Parent/Child  Classes

I will guide you to be the musical guide for your child. Bring the the joy of music into your life as a regular and shared event.

*MUSIC THEORY LESSONS   - an introduction

Through listening examples, you will hear how other cultures express themselves in music. You will learn about intervals, modes and rhythms and be able to accompany yourself with some basic cords and bass lines.

*Classical and Jazz theory Lessons    -  Customized to suit your learning style.


This class will help you "fill the knowledge holes" and use your understanding of theory to assist you in playing by ear and  interpret chord charts.


This is a crash course for DJ's to learn some basic theory and technique that will allow you to express your ideas and lay down some awesome keyboard parts.  Good for everyone- not just DJ's


Using your voices and whatever instruments are available, you can become a family band.  The blues is a simple form to learn to jam with.