Living most of her adult life in Nelson B.C. and on Hornby Island, Diane Taylor, has been playing piano since the age of 8 years.  Her formal training includes classical studies,  jazz and composition. She holds a teaching diploma and has been providing piano and music lessons for 14 years.  She has lived and studied in Nelson for 14 years, where she was actively performing, writing and collaborating with contemporary dancers, spoken word artist and various ensembles.   "Diane mixes influences from classical to blues to jazz to create completely original music. You will enjoy beautiful lyrical improvisations and melodies which  create journeys of inner landscapes and deep emotion.  Watching her perform and listening to her compositions will draw you in and her passion for music will move you.  You will enjoy something outside the bounds, something intriguing, something beautiful."

Diane now teaches piano and music lessons in beautiful Victoria B.C.

She currently plays  in the " Spiral JAzz Quintet", the duo

"Keyed Up and Full of Frets"   and the Burke Rosin Group.

Past collaborations include the Wicklow Jazz Collective, the duo     "Los Dos", and an improvising  winds/pno/vocals trio "Bent Carrott" 


Bill Evans, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, Thelonius Monk, Marion McPartland, Mary Lou Williamson, Patricia Barber, Classical Music, World Music of all ethnic backgrounds, Celtic Music, Blues, New Music, Improvisational music, Contemporary Dance, Spoken Word, Movement Works, Women who make Music,  Music that is Beautiful, Haunting, Adventurous, Soulful, Enlightening and Progressive.

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